I wanted this to come out before the monthly update….but you know…..life happened as usual.
After looking at the fall lineup I was shocked by how few shows I was truly hyped to see. I mean a lot of the shows might actually be interesting to look at but the summary description/picture just didn’t catch my initial interest. Might have to make a list of 2017 Fall anime I missed…it’s inevitable that something really good that I ignored.
There’s no particular order to those listed so I didn’t number them.

Mahou Tsukai no Yome
I’ve mostly said all I wanted to about this anime in my monthly update.
I still haven’t started it yet because I wanted to get this written first so I didn’t accidentally include details from the anime episodes. This is, after all, supposed to be based solely on summaries and sometimes trailers if I felt so inclined. This show looked like there would be a pretty decent love story with some mystical fantasy elements to it….from the trailer I saw (that wasn’t translated). I liked the feeling it gave off…..a sort of mystically dark feeling……an Alice in Wonderland type aura.

Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara
I technically shouldn’t even put this on here because I didn’t finish the second season. I do plan on finishing the second season first before I even start this, and even if I didn’t finish it I wouldn’t be too lost since I’ve read much further in the manga. This has been a fairly faithful adaptation so I don’t think they would have changed anything of importance plot-wise this far into the series. Nonetheless, I knew I would be watching it at some point, thus, I added to this list.


Black Clover
I’m starting this mainly because of all the speculation and buzz about the being the “new” Naruto and Bleach. I missed the hype of the last big 3 anime (Naruto, Bleach and Once Piece) and if this turns into a big hit I’ll at least have a head start on the growing popularity instead of thinking about joining and then realizing I’m 400 episodes behind. As long as it keeps my interest I will ride this show’s hype train until the end….but if for some reason it manages to piss me off, I have no issues with abandoning this series and once again being the outlier who doesn’t watch “mainstream” anime (whatever that means).

Boku no Kanojo ga Majimesugiru Sho-bitch na Ken
All I needed was the hint that this would be an ecchi show. Plus the title translates into “My Girlfriend is a Shobitch”. I mean….who wouldn’t want to watch a show with such a great name like that.


Juuni Taisen
I didn’t even read the description for this one. I just saw the art associated with it and added it to the “will watch list”. I heard people talking about the plot as being like a bloody tournament type of deal. Even if this is just mindless action with an ok plot I’ll probably watch it to the end. All I need is one character to relate to and I’ll be set to go.



Put simply, the plot called out to me. A man living a crappy life with his family that doesn’t love him gets his life changed when he’s rebuilt by a group of aliens who killed him in a crash landing. That plot is very promising. I’m thinking there is going to be emotional and dramatic stakes in this one…and if we are lucky maybe even a little action. I like watching the journey of people having self-realization and bettering their lives. I’m hoping this one delivers on  at least one of these aspects.

Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World – The Animated Series
I actually just added this to my watching list last Friday when I heard someone describing the plot as a look at the human condition. Philosophical anime, whether I struggle to understand it or not, always turns into a self-reflection session for me. It allows for me to dump some of my life experiences into the show making it more intriguing to watch. Curious to know what the show’s overall message(s) is going to be. A bleak pessimistic outlook or a hopeful optimistic one…..maybe a little of both?


Omiai Aite wa Oshiego, Tsuyoki na, Mondaiji
I don’t know why I’m always drawn in by series that have student teacher relationships because the same relationship problems and conclusions always happen (with the notable exceptions of a few that I can’t name now because I forgot). Nothing about this show looks especially impressive, so this won’t be a priority to watch anytime soon…heck you might not even know I watched it if I have nothing to say about it. I might just watch it on one of those lonely nights where I want some romance in my life……I mean I have to live vicariously through something.