1. Sara Pezzini (Witchblade)

There would be so many tiny pieces and it would definitely have to be worn when it’s warm out, and now that I’m an adult, it’s slightly less inappropriate… ever so slightly. Still pretty sure my parents would look at me sideways if they knew, which they probably do by now. Honestly, I don’t think I have the nerve to try and pull this off. She just seemed so cool, that she made it onto my cosplay dream list, but this one might just stay a dream.


  1. Villetta Nu (Code Geass)

Look at her long legs and tell me I can’t pull that off! I’m joking… half-joking, but that’s not the only reason I want to cosplay her. Even though she’s a side character, she’s an amazing side character. She cool, strict and pretty! And look at her outfit! I would love to walk around all day in that. A cape fluttering behind me and boots up to my thighs! It’s like a power outfit. It screams confidence… Plus, her hair would be really fun to mess with all day.

  1. Sheryl (Macross Frontier)

You’ll start to notice that I seem to pick a lot of characters for their outfits, but I do actually like these characters a lot. It was hard picking out which one of her 20 billion outfits I like the best, but this one seemed like it would be the most fun. I could have her on this list multiple times for all her costumes, but that would be a little excessive. Maybe I’ll figure out a way to get this outfit so I can have something to wear at these conventions. I haven’t cosplayed in so long.



  1. Tomoko (Watamote)

What isn’t there to love about this character? She is perfect in every way and why wouldn’t I want to cosplay as her? It would just be me in my natural state: always awkward. Plus, I think out of all of them, her outfit would probably be the easiest to find.





First of all, for those of you who recognize this outfit: shame on you. Secondly, I’m not trying to cosplay as any of those characters (even though if I got this I would pick somebody), specifically because they’re all absolutely nuts. But, I really really do like the school uniform. You can’t deny that it’s pretty cute.