This top portion will always say the same thing. The Quick Update section is what’s really being updated with new content.

This is my way of keeping myself organized. I’ll be limiting myself to 5 anime at a time. I can’t start a new one until I’ve finished at least one of the five on this ever changing list. When I finish one I’ll make a post about it, though depending on how long the series is, I might make a post in the middle of the series.

I’ll be keeping track of each anime and the episode I’m on both on this blog and on MyAnimeList (MAL). Below, there’s a link to MAL so you can look at all the things I’m currently watching, have watched, plan on watching and how I ranked each anime.

I don’t want to watch only recent series, so at least one or two of these entries will be about some throwback series. The rest will  be relatively recent (let’s say released in the last 3 years).

Quick Update:

A combination of things happened, adding to why this post is late: my family was in town; when I tried uploading yesterday, my site was down; and today…. today was election day. A bit hectic…. but now the post has been posted. Also, plan on finishing Boku no Hero Academia this week and getting a new anime on this list. If I’m feeling really ambitious this week, I might even finish 91 Days and Grimgar.

Haikyuu!! (Season 3)

This has lived up to everything I hoped it would be. I couldn’t believe they were managing to have a whole season based around a single game, but now I know why and how. You would think that every episode would be very boring and slow, but this show pays so much attention to game strategy, characters and dramatization, that there’s so much they could expand on and still keep it interesting to watch. They’ve hyped up this team to be a large hurdle that the characters must overcome. It’s not guaranteed that they’re going to win, even though they had been losing so much and have developed their skills so far (they better freaking win this season or I will be pissed). At this point in the series, it does makes sense that they would win, otherwise I’m sure we will have a lot of other pissed off fans. Plus, the characters have to get some kind of reward for all the effort and practice they put in. Can you imagine if they lost? If anything, that would prompt a lot of them to go into a deep depression because they never experienced the fruits of their labor. I don’t even know who could take them out of that rut. Perhaps, the old coach Ukai would be the one to give a great motivational speech and get them to try and build up their skills more, but I can’t help but feel like that loss would still be a big disappointment to to anyone watching. I was watching this with my sister and her prediction was that they would win. I almost want them to lose just so I can go back and tell her “HA! They lost! This isn’t just some typical anime show!”…… You know what, I think I might be happy with either outcome.

91 Days

So, yes, this is definitely a revenge story. He’s made his list and checked it twice…..and he already killed one person on that list…..which might result in a war, but hey, you gotta create chaos to keep things interesting. This could have been his plan all along. Get the two sides to fight so that he can kill who he needs to without anyone thinking it strange for people from the rival families to be dying. They would just blame it on the other side, right? I don’t know if that’s what’s actually going to happen. Just a simple prediction. Just a regular revenge story of him going down a list is no fun, so I’m hoping there is more to this show.

Boku no Hero Academia

The character is so pitiful….and really cute…..cutely pitiful. I’m glad he’s not a complete wuss and actually does some heroic stuff otherwise we would literally have another Shinji on our hands. Now our cute little Izuku has the same strength on the outside that he has on the inside. I hope he figures out how to make it so his body doesn’t take so much damage every time he uses his powers. That purpleish red color his arm constantly make it looks like it’s infected (A note from The Editor: plot twist, season two goes from campy shounen fluff to World War Z-esque zombie apocalypse). We also need to talk about Katsuki for a minute: I don’t understand why Katsuki is so angry. I think I might have missed something in the flashbacks of their childhood together that caused him to have so much hatred for Izuku. From what I understand Katsuki was always looked up to and admired by his classmates and Izuku was as pitiful then as he is now. At this rate he is going to turn into the ultimate super villain purely fueled on his ever growing hatred to Izuku (A note from The Editor: Here’s some fun trivia for you: Bakugou was originally going to be the obnoxious know-it-all type, but just looking at that design pissed Horikoshi-sensei off*, so he got turned into an angry, unpleasant spiky-haired Typhlosion gijinka** instead).

* You can read more about this in the Boku no Hero Academia volume 1 omake.
** Go ahead, tell me he’s not. Especially with his costume.

This week’s Anime


Haikyuu!! (Season 3)

5/10 episodes watched

 boku no hero academia  

Boku no Hero Academia

7/13 episodes watched

 91 days

91 Days

3/12 episodes watched

 Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash  

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

2/12 episodes watched

 sailor moon

Sailor Moon SuperS

13/39 episodes watched


Let me know what anime you’re watching now! Anything you recommend? I’ll add it to my ever growing anime list.