Trinity Blood

This came on around the same time as Fullmetal Alchemist, which was already giving me a lot of feels and then I had this lovely piece throwing even more feels at me. This show had a ton of Christian symbolism all throughout the show. If that kind of thing bothers you… stay far far away from this series. If you also don’t like Christianity having anything to do with the occult… well, that’s literally the entire premise of the show. It had something to do with Armageddon and a war between vampires and humans. This was a great show with great animation. I’m just sad to say that it will never be complete because I’m pretty sure the creator of the series died before he finished writing it all, so don’t get overly invested into this one like I did at one point. It kind of reminds me of Seikon no Qwaser, but with a little more elegance. I honestly think this show is a forgotten gem and I’m sure it would’ve gotten more popularity if it had actually finished.