Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

This has no plot. It has a lot of characters and requires a decent understanding of Japanese culture to be funny. This is definitely not a show for everyone, no matter how hardcore you are….

This is about a suicidal teacher with a very pessimistic view of the world that he likes to share with his class of… Japanese stereotypes and it seems at any chance he is given, he tries to commit suicide. I mean,with such a depressing description, how could it not be funny. It’s got an art style I’ve never seen before with pretty washed out colors. There are several different iterations of this show and since it rarely follows a serialized plot, don’t feel bad if you skip a few episodes. Sometimes they reference back to those episodes, but you should mostly be able to follow along anyway. And don’t feel bad if you don’t understand all the jokes; there are so many that just went over my head that I didn’t even realize they were referencing something.

If you want to experience all forms of anime comedy, this is definitely one you can’t ignore because there are very few like it. I haven’t been able to finish one of the series all the way through… I think I got pretty close to finishing one of them, but then for some reason I never do… I’ve started this show on 4 different occasions and I always stopped watching at different points. I think it’s because I consume too many at one time… So yeah…watch these over time…