Joshikousei: Girl’s High (High School Girls)

I would consider this kind of mid-range in quality and if you like slice of life high school anime, you would probably find this enjoyable. I liked it when I saw it and thought it was pretty funny at the time. It really doesn’t have an overarching plot or anything, you just follow a group of girls and their mishaps as they live their lives in the all-girl high school. The only scene I can think of that I distinctly remember is when they were going to go swimming and on the girls didn’t shave so one of her friends shaved her? I think that’s how it went……I don’t think I could ever have any of my friends do that for me but, whatever, that was their form of bonding, I guess. That stuck out to me because I was like, “This isn’t that common among female friends, right?” I can confidently answer that with……maybe?

If you’re just trying to get some more anime under your belt with no series catching your eye right now, this one couldn’t hurt to watch. It’s one of those “you wouldn’t really miss much if you didn’t see it, but wouldn’t it regret if you did”.