I My Me! Strawberry Eggs

It’s a good thing that no one said that these throwbacks had to be quality shows, because this one is far from it… According to this character, the most logical thing to do when you’re a man and you want to become a teacher at an all-girls school high school is to dress up as a woman… And still somehow look very convincing as a woman. Lady hips and everything. Given the premise, expect some sort of harem and absurd situations to ensue. This is something pretty light-hearted and silly and, once again, something I looked at a very long time ago. It makes me wonder how I even found these shows… or why I watched them. The name of this anime always confused me: why strawberry eggs? Is that supposed to be representative of something female? Is it the egg part? Because strawberries are sweet? I don’t get it.


That is not how the human body works!!