If anybody remembers, way back when there was an actual Funimation channel on Dish (I think that was the provider we had at the time). There was this surprisingly long series airing on it. I was never able to watch the entire series in order because the channel always stopped at a certain episode before restarting. I’m guessing it was because the episodes were no longer dubbed by Funimation. It was a shoujo series about a middle school girl, who was also a well-known celebrity, dealing with a delinquent-type character in her class. I loved what I saw of the series and it brings me back to simpler times….. when I could ignore my homework, sit on the couch and watch anime instead. If you get really invested in these types of dramatic shows, you’ll be in for a rollercoaster of emotions. It’s a really great coming of age story, but sometimes the characters do really stupid stuff and you just feel the need to express your angry thoughts at the television (I would advise doing this while watching alone, unless there’s a whole group of you doing it together… if there is, I’d like to join these sessions).