WARNING: Due to the content of some of the anime I am currently watching, this post might not be suitable for all ages. If you continue to read on, you are doing so at the risk of tainting your mind (which, once again, is not my fault).

Welcome to the NHK

This anime was something I started in middle school (like most of the ones I’ve mentioned already), and then dropped off and never completed it until college where I restarted and finally finished it.

Do you know anybody who believes that everything pertaining to their life is a part of a conspiracy against them specifically? Well, if you take that idea and add in that this person has -50 social skills and doesn’t know how to act like a normal fucking person, then you have this lovely paranoid drug fueled trip of an anime.

While this anime takes pride in its ridiculous premise and bat shit insanity, it does bring up serious topics like social anxiety, depression, and mental illness. As unfunny as those things are, this anime finds a way to make it a little light-hearted… if not offensive (just in case you’re sensitive to these topics).

This is still a very enjoyable anime that I would recommend to anybody who likes strange story lines or if any of the topics listed above speak to you.

By the way I watched this dubbed (by Funimation, of course) and thought it was pretty good. I understand if you don’t like dubbed because it’s “bad” and is not the original, but whatever… to each their own.