Before I started this website I had recently finished watching Re: Zero. I started watching it with my father and sister and we fell off of watching it because I was preparing to move out, so it was put on the back burner until I started it up again in late July. I kept up with it pretty well after that.

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t finished watching this anime and plan on watching it, or if you don’t want spoilers, I suggest you don’t read past the Quick Summary.

Quick Summary

A boy named Subaru Natsuki is walking back home from the convenience store when he is suddenly transported into a fantasy world. He is almost immediately caught up in trouble, until he is  saved by a girl with long silver hair named Emilia, who was in the middle of chasing someone who has stole her insignia. Subaru joins her in her search and they eventually find her insignia. Unfortunately, they are both slaughtered by a mysterious woman who also wants the insignia. Strangely enough, Subaru wakes up in the exact spot he was in when he was first placed to this new world  (this is more of a summary of the first episode, but it was a great way to get people interested to continue watching the series, so cheers on that accomplishment).

First Impression

What initially caught my attention was the striking contrast between how the first episode started and then how it ended. It was all go-lucky and happy until the bloodbath at the end. The art-style didn’t seem like it was going to be bloody, but I loved it immediately. Still, definitely was not expecting scenes like that in there. Like most typical main-male-protagonist-who-is-in-fantasy-world anime, the main character meets a girl and they fall in love and more than likely the main male character is overpowered as crap (gotta keep my clean language for the young ones out there). I was pleasantly surprised to see that the main character is almost completely useless in most battles, using only is optimism, stupidity and love for Satella to almost not die….. sometimes.


I’ve found I’m really bad at names (both in real life and when it comes to shows), so as I write this I have to go to Wikipedia so I can get everyone’s name right. I’m not going to talk about every single character in the show, just the ones that I have an actual opinion about. I’ll probably always have an opinion on the main character (it’s hard not to).

Subaru Natsuki

He’s still gore-zero-natsuki-subarut that typical anime protagonist feel… and he’s just so likable (most of the time). He’s the comedic relief, pushes the story forward, has all the insight, and has heroic tendencies….. What’s not to like? Granted, he’s probably the most clueless character in the show and if it weren’t for his little constant dying and coming back gimmick, he probably wouldn’t ever figure anything out. But that’s what makes him special, right? I did get just a tad bit irritated with him in the middle of the series during the time where he was left in the capital by Emilia. How can you screw up and get everyone killed so many times?! It was like a less intense version of what happened in Steins;Gate (Subaru didn’t have to repeat the deaths over as much). I think Subaru’s reaction to seeing people he cared for constantly dying was a believable. Luckily, he eventually snapped out of it after the pep talk with Rem and ended up going down the right path. The only real issues I had wasn’t even with Subaru directly but it was the relationship with Emilia. I didn’t feel like the ending with both of them sharing their feelings with one another was fully justified; Satella just happened to be the first girl he met and she was generally nice to him, like she seems to be with most other people. They had a few moments of bonding but that was it. I feel like he had more of a connection with Rem, you know, the one he considered actually running away and having a family with (I almost wanted him to do it, too. And then they would live somewhere else, get married, have kids, and Subaru would eventually die of old age, but since he died his life restarts like always and he wakes up back in his younger body from all those years ago. That would’ve screwed with his head and would;ve been heart-wrenching and cruel. I’m probably the only one who’d enjoy it). And speaking of Rem…….


re-zero-rem-bigShe’s so cute! Even though she’s a psycho killer sometimes, just look at her face. That’s the face of an angel. Does that look like the face of someone who’d kill you (in most anime, the answer is always maybe)? It’s that Hot to Crazy scale you have to take into account….or in this case the Cute to Crazy scale. She’s definitely more cute that crazy. I thought she was going to be that kuudere* character that would warm up to the main protagonist closer to the end of the series, but she came around sooner than I thought. She has traits of that character archetype but she shows a lot more emotion than most. They don’t typically loose their cool and go on a killing spree unless they are yandere* types. Going back to what I was talking about with her and Subaru’s relationship, I thought the relationship between Rem and Subaru grew more naturally than the one with Emilia. They had a lot more time and various conflicts where they were able to build up feelings for each other. Even more so on Subaru’s end since he had to relive a lot of those situations. Maybe this is my bias speaking (yes, it definitely is), but I really think that Subaru should have ended up with Rem.


re-zero-ramI really don’t have much to say about this character. She seemed like a true supporting character unlike her sister who teetered between just supporting and main supporting. The only thing I really want to say is I thought her relationship with Roswaal was really strange. At night she sat on his lap like a doll and he petted her head like a cat. It just looked and felt all wrong when I was watching it. I can’t put my finger on exactly why. Do the other characters know she goes to his office at night? Does that not raise a few eyebrows? She’s like his little spy and tells him all the happenings in the house. They’re really suspicious together.


re-zero-emiliaI didn’t mean to have Emilia all the way down here, but it seemed like the correct order in which to talk about things. I almost feel the same way about Emilia that I do Ram. She doesn’t make a large impact on me. She was just that really nice girl that Subaru was obsessed with. Kindhearted and good-natured seemed to be the only real redeeming personalty traits that she had. I think she was made as a character you couldn’t hate. She’s a cute character, but I just need her to have a little bit more of a presence.


re-zero-beatriceI feel like she was forgotten about in the second half of the show. I like characters like hers and I would’ve loved to have seen more of her in the  later parts of the series. She was mentioned here and there, but that was about it. She’s too tiny, angry and cute to have been forgotten. And did anyone else get the feeling that she knew more about what was going on than she let on? That’s why I feel like when Subaru would come into her room distraught or asking her seemingly random questions, she would still help him no questions asked even though she made it seem like it was a real bother to her. I just wish they went more into her as a character so I could see where she really fit in the story.


There better be a second freaking season! There are so many unanswered questions. Like the whole witch lady: who is she and what does she want? Why is Subaru there? How did she find Subaru? Why has Subaru not expressed missing his family or old life? I mean, I don’t understand how he can accept that. And then there’s also the issue of Subaru not being able to tell anyone that the witch has a hold on him and that he repeats his life over and over. They also can’t not talk about the whole competition over who will become ruler of Lugnica. Plus, Felt could have her own freaking arc. There is so much more this anime can do… and I just hope it wasn’t a one season fling because I’m probably not going to read the light novels.

If you feel like I missed out on something important, and chances are that I have, leave a comment and we can talk about it more!

*Kuudere – This means the character appears calm, cool and collected on the outside. They usually speak in monotone.
*Yandere – This character is usually nice and sweet unless it has anything to do with the person they are infatuated with, then they become murderous. The mentality of: “If I can’t have you, no one can!”