This top portion will always say the same thing. The Quick Update section is what’s really being updated with new content.

This is my way of keeping myself organized. I’ll be limiting myself to 5 anime at a time. I can’t start a new one until I’ve finished at least one of the five on this ever changing list. When I finish one I’ll make a post about it, though depending on how long the series is, I might make a post in the middle of the series.

I’ll be keeping track of each anime and the episode I’m on both on this blog and on MyAnimeList (MAL). Below, there’s a link to MAL so you can look at all the things I’m currently watching, have watched, plan on watching and how I ranked each anime.

I don’t want to watch only recent series, so at least one or two of these entries will be about some throwback series(with this exception of this post). The rest will  be relatively recent (let’s say released in the last 3 yearsish).

WARNING: Due to the content of some of the anime I am currently watching, this post might not be suitable for all ages. If you continue to read on, you are doing so at the risk of tainting your mind (which, once again, is not my fault).

Let me know what anime you’re watching now! Anything you recommend? I’ll add it to my ever growing anime list.

There will be a time where I get back to posting these at the beginning of the month, like I wanted it to be. I’ve finally made a schedule and I’m hoping I stick with it. It seems perfectly doable now, but we’ll wait and see if it gets fully implemented.

This will be a short intro to my update because I don’t have much to say here. Now that I’ve stopped promising things and started just giving you all surprises when I do come out with something, there isn’t much to say here.

Now, without wasting anymore time… I introduce actual anime updates.

One Punch Man

I now understand where all the hype came from with this series. I thoroughly enjoyed this series and the premise it took. I thought the fact that he could beat anything in one punch would become a really tiring really quickly. This fact still stands true, but conflict was created in everyone’s disbelief that someone like Saitama would be able to defeat any enemy due to the horrible ranking he got as a hero (based solely on the portion of a test that I feel has nothing to do with being a hero and having the ability to do heroic things, aka the written portion). All the resisting I did… seems stupid (I’m sorry, Becca, you were right). Now all I want is a second season.

Boku no Hero Academia

I’m just a couple weeks behind… like I haven’t watched past the tournament ending, but I will be catching up this weekend.

The tournament gave me all that I could have expected from this show. It certainly ended in a way that I felt was right for the characters, and even if it was a little predictable it was still enjoyable. It feels like the season is going by way too fast. The tournament part already over and our hero Deku still can’t control crap on his body… perhaps by season 3, we can expect him to use his power without turning black and blue.
I’m glad we got to see more about Todoroki and his… mommy and daddy issues. He’s made the most progress in this series so far and it only took him 12 episodes…..


Pure silliness… it claims to have an overarching plot, but I don’t think the main characters take it too seriously. It’s something generic, like killing the demon king but they’re literally not making steps towards any progress. If anything, they’re just getting sidetracked by their own stupidity. This may sound like I’m bashing the series, but it’s quite the opposite. This show is all about how each of the characters play off of one another. That’s what makes the humor so great. I love seeing how each character quirk interacts with the others. And then add in some random “quest” to make the characters do something and you’ve got an episode of Konosuba.

Serial Experiments Lain

This had a very slow start. I was afraid I hadn’t matured at all and started to get bored….at least until the episode 2 or so where I just trying to figure out what the hell was happening. I feel like I’m missing something important because right now I don’t understand anything that is happening. Maybe it’s way too psychological for me that all of themes are going over my head….I’m hoping by the end it all makes sense. I’m barely able to follow along to this psychedelic anime….you know….this would be one hell of a show to watch while under the influence of…….something……(a legal substance of course)

New Anime

Now I know the anime list this month doesn’t have any older anime on it, but that’ll change next month. I’m so far behind on recent anime I decided to catch up a little. Plus, there are only a few days left in this month before I need to be working on the August anime update. By then I’ll have finished one of these shows so I can add an old one to the list……you don’t believe me? Just watch: I’ll finish a series on this list in time for the August release, which will not be at the end of the month (Fingers crossed).

I heard about Re:Creators from either Glass Reflections or Mother’s Basement. Can’t really remember which right now, but they talked it up a lot and made me want to watch it. They said they wished it had gotten more praise and noticed by others in the community because they considered a sort of hidden gem. I’m all about giving hidden gems a chance….so I can jump on that “I liked it before it was popular” train (ok….that is not the best type of person to strive to be…but you’re just angry because you’re trailing behind on the hype train…….jk….but not really).

It’s kind of a “character from an anime comes into the ‘real’ world” type of anime. That premise sounds like it sucks but I can’t do it the justice it seems to deserve, so you’ll just have to try and see if you like it yourself…..or at least wait until I’ve watched some it to give you a non-sugar coated opinion.

The other anime I’ve added in for this month is Koutetsujou no Kabaneri. Do I even need to explain why I’m watching this one? Just look at the art and animation and tell me it’s not worth looking at. The plot could be complete garbage and I would still be looking at it.



6/10 episodes watched


Koutetsujou no Kabaneri

0/12 episodes watched



Magic Kaito 1412

0/24 episodes watched



0/22 episodes watched


Boku no Hero Academia (Season 2)

12/25 episodes watched


Let me know what anime you’re watching now! Anything you recommend? I’ll add it to my ever growing anime list.