In an effort to get more content up weekly, I’m going to change my anime watching schedule. It was very unrealistic for me to believe that I could complete at least one anime a week and always have constant updates on each episode. Since I have other things in my life that need to be attended to (including a full time job), I will only have 5 anime a month instead of 5 a week. You guys will still get updates, probably just not weekly, and don’t always expect me to binge-watch a whole season. I might’ve been able to do that in high school and college but now… (yeah, I have adult things to do… *cry*). Also, expect smaller posts to come out weekly. About anime, of course. Maybe even a little manga… This will come into effect on the 9th of this month.

Another thing: I’ll be changing the theme of this website to something more personalized. I’ll still be missanimegirl and that URL will still link you to this page, but on all other social media I will be changing my main name to blackanimegirl and the URL “” will lead you to this website in February. I’ll give another update when it actually goes into effect. You should already know what that means: I’ll be creating some posts about being Black and liking anime and other things related to it. I’ll definitely have some posts relating to these topics in February (yes, yes, I know, I’m so clever. This is all happening around Black History Month).

Update on content that is coming soon: uhhhhh, I did watch a few episodes of some anime. That update will be posted on the 9th and I’ve been trying to get the Boku no Hero Academia review out, as well as part 1 of the Haikyuu review, because that one is turning into a monster and needs to separated out into 2 (or 3) parts.

I’ll be doing something special later this month: attending an anime convention (I won’t tell you guys which one until the post for it is done. I mean, you can google it if you really want to know which one I’m attending). I’ll finally have something to add to my neglected Instagram.

Yes, so many changes, even though this website has only been running for a few months and most of the people that actually look at this website mysteriously seem to be related to me… Oh well…. Love you all… all 5 of you <3