This top portion will always say the same thing. The Quick Update section is what’s really being updated with new content.

This is my way of keeping myself organized. I’ll be limiting myself to 5 anime at a time. I can’t start a new one until I’ve finished at least one of the five on this ever changing list. When I finish one I’ll make a post about it, though depending on how long the series is, I might make a post in the middle of the series.

I’ll be keeping track of each anime and the episode I’m on both on this blog and on MyAnimeList (MAL). Below, there’s a link to MAL so you can look at all the things I’m currently watching, have watched, plan on watching and how I ranked each anime.

I don’t want to watch only recent series, so at least one or two of these entries will be about some throwback series. The rest will  be relatively recent (let’s say released in the last 3 years).

Quick Update:

Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving break (for those who were lucky enough to have it)! I hope you’re not still too stuffed and can take some anime updates. As you can see, I didn’t upload last week. I had full intentions of doing so, but with the holiday and the traveling, it just didn’t get done. So I’m here to update you all on the shows I was able to get done.

And there was only one anime I was able to finish. So close with Boku no Hero Academia, but not close enough. It will for sure get finished this week. I really should stop promising that I will finish stuff and just finish whenever I do….I just feel bad not updating the picture when I haven’t finished an anime. I usually just shuffle the images around to make it look like a relatively new picture….I’ll think of a better way to have these pics show up week to week.

Haikyuu!! (Season 3)

Every week I’m just craving for the next episode. Why don’t they just save all of us the anxiety and release the series all at once like Netflix. It would make us all much happier. Even though I loved this episode there isn’t much to say. This is a roller coaster of a show. One moment they are doing really well in game, and then they lose their advantage and they go back and forth for a while. I’m loving every minute of it, but I really just want to see them win at this point. Apparently only 3 more episodes!!! I don’t want it to end but I do!! I’m so conflicted. Why is this season so short? It should have a second part that they forgot mention to us and continue on. I mean, the past seasons were much longer than this one. All I want is a normal length season. This show is the most interesting thing happening in my life right now.

91 Days

Yes, I finished it finally……don’t really know how I feel about the ending yet. It was strange and I have mixed feelings about it. Of course, you’ll be able to read my full feelings on it when I post the review for it. Expect it sometime next week….definitely not this week. I’m glad I finished it though, it kept me intrigued until the very end. Especially when I thought the ending was going somewhere else.

Yuri!!! on Ice

I heard this was really good. Wanted to watch some other recent anime, and this caught my attention. My expectations are high on this one. Please do not disappoint. Outside of ice skating, I have no idea what this one is about. Going in with an open mind and a clean slate. The best way to start any show……with exception of the high expectations that I have.



This week’s Anime


Haikyuu!! (Season 3)

8/10 episodes watched

 boku no hero academia  

Boku no Hero Academia

9/13 episodes watched


Yuri!!! on Ice

0/- episodes watched

 Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash  

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

2/12 episodes watched

 sailor moon

Sailor Moon SuperS

22/39 episodes watched


Let me know what anime you’re watching now! Anything you recommend? I’ll add it to my ever growing anime list.