If you’re anything like me, you tend to start a lot of different anime but have a hard time trying to finish them. Sometimes I get stuck in a part that may have gotten a little boring or maybe I just lost track because of the stupid amount of series that I’m watching at one time (don’t do this kids). I don’t know if you’ve had these issues, but I’ve had times where people were talking about series that I should’ve finished…. but didn’t. I had a month to binge-watch it, but unfortunately I got distracted (probably with another anime). If you look at my “on-hold” in MAL you will see how distracted I’ve gotten over the years and I’m missing some in that list. It’s been so long I can’t even remember them all. Some of those series have technically been on hold for years. I’ll probably have to start back from the beginning with most of them. It’s shameful, I know, but I have finished lots of others.

This is my way of keeping myself organized. I’ll be limiting myself to 5 anime at a time. I can’t start a new one until I’ve finished at least one of the five on this ever changing list. When I finish one I’ll make a post about it, though depending on how long the series is, I might make a post in the middle of the series.

I’ll be keeping track of each anime and the episode I’m on both on this blog and on MyAnimeList (MAL). Below, there’s a link to MAL so you can look at all the things I’m currently watching, have watched, plan on watching and how I ranked each anime.

I don’t want to watch only recent series, so at least one or two of these entries will be about some throwback series. The rest will  be relatively recent (let’s say released in the last 3 years).

This week’s Anime

kuroko no basket

Kuroko no Basket (Season 1)

3/25 episodes watched

 boku no hero academia  

Boku no Hero Academia

4/13 episodes watched

 91 days

91 Days

0/12 episodes watched

 Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash  

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

0/12 episodes watched

 sailor moon

Sailor Moon SuperS

13/39 episodes watched


Let me know what anime you’re watching now! Anything you recommend? I’ll add it to my ever growing anime list.