Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (When they Cry)

If you can’t handle blood, gore and a lot of torture, then I would not recommend this. If you don’t care… you’ll have a blast being absolutely confused for an entire season of this hack n slash anime. I know the art doesn’t look it belongs to something violent, but in this anime’s case, looks can be very deceiving.

The main reason I kept watching this anime was because I wanted answers. Almost every episode was like déjà vu. The continuity confused me and I wanted answers… which you’ll get if you make it to season 2.
Don’t be fooled by the characters’ cuteness. Every character in this anime is just plain evil at times. Some more than others, but none of them are innocent and they all get what’s coming to them.

If you watch this anime, please let me know what you reaction was. I live for people’s reactions, so just leave a comment here and I’ll definitely read all of them.


This doesn’t look like the face of a killer……


No, you were wrong……dead wrong