The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

This anime probably defines my entire middle school career. This was all I was obsessed with and I still am, a little bit. If this show were still going on, I could guarantee that I would still be watching it. If you say you hate this anime, you’re basically saying you hate me… (I’m being half-serious about that last statement)

I related to the main character Haruhi a lot.

She’s a high school girl who is dead set on finding something interesting to do with her time. She’s always trying to find hints of the existence of aliens, time travelers, espers or anything else that has to do with the supernatural.

Aside from the dub of this show being pretty good and having one of my favorite voice actresses ever, the art and animation are extremely smooth and it has appealing character designs. If my bias toward this anime is not apparent enough, you haven’t been paying attention. This show might not be for everybody, especially if you don’t like shows that are centralized around school and school activities. I also wouldn’t start this if you don’t like stories that haven’t quite finished and frankly never will be. There are many reason as to why this franchise kind of died out, but I can share that later.