Warning: Material may not be suitable for all ages or those who are easily offended. You have been warned my friend 🙂

Before I even get into the possible issues I saw people bring up because L is going to be Black, let me just talk about how L as a character is even being depicted in the trailer.

Firstly… why is L so emotional in this trailer? Taking his anger out on his sweets? Why…? That’s totally unheard of. I can’t think of one time in the show where I saw L lose his cool (A note from the Editor: The closest was probably when he saw Rem. Or that Foot Thing™). Everything he did was very well thought out and calculated. So unless that scene was taken out of context, I think that alone is extremely out of character.

And he’s showing his face? By using a silly mask? If you want to stay anonymous, you cover your eyes and part of your nose… I can still tell what you look like with the top half showing… that’s you why see superheroes like Batman, Wolverine, The Flash, etc. all wear masks on the top half of their face. Because that’s what’s really keeping their identities safe… I don’t even know why they bothered with the mask in the first place. L doesn’t go outside and talk to the masses like that. He just holed himself up in some building most of the time and broadcasted his voice… and it wasn’t even his actual voice… he used a voice changer because L likes to cover all of his tracks. I guess I’m being a little nitpicky, but if they want to do this adaptation right you have to at least stick with the core character traits of the main cast.

I saw in the Youtube comments that some people thought the way he spoke was weird….yeah, maybe a little, but I think it’s a little premature to determine if it’s weird or not. There wasn’t enough footage of him talking.

Coming down to the other reason I wanted to make this a separate post… while also looking through the comment section I noticed some other things that bothered me… (A note from the Editor: Well, your first mistake was thinking that looking at Youtube comments would be anything other than a frustrating time)

There were many comments about the character L, of course, which makes sense…..but I also saw that people weren’t just talk about L the character. The comments I saw made the distinction that they were talking specifically about ‘Black L’ and some said that he sounded stupid and unintelligent. Now, this might just be me being a little oversensitive but why the distinction? I don’t think I would have had a problem with those comments if the Black part had been left off. Actually, a lot of the other comments just complained about the character not being exactly like the show. Some people thought that the original L’s paleness was an important character trait because it showed that he never went outside……..


That physical trait doesn’t really define his character… there are definitely other ways to show that a person is social recluse without them being pale. I don’t understand why people are so attached to that, because I saw a crapton of comments about that. I could see some argument that it is a trademark of his, but honestly, I think it was moreso his mannerisms that made L’s character.

I also saw some comments where people were hypothesizing why the studio made the decision to make L Black….some said for bullshit diversity. I’m not going to that’s wrong because it’s a super believable possibility….the other possibility is that of all the people who tried out for that part, the person who best fit what they were looking for just so happened to be Black (A note from the Editor: Shocking, I know). But I wonder if it was because they thought they needed a little diversity to spice things up… or maybe they were trying to accurately depict America as a “melting pot”. If the latter was the case, then why not be even more diverse? There are more than just Black and White people in America…..we have Hispanic, Indian, West, South and East Asian, Middle Eastern, all sorts of European (I’m not gonna list all of them but you get the idea). And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I mean come on guys, if you’re going to be “diverse”, go hard or go home….Misa’s role could be played by someone who isn’t white….or even Light himself (*gasp*…the main character not being white?…..Hollywood wouldn’t stand for it).

I was honestly laughing my ass off reading through the comments, but I just wanted to bring up some observations I had while reading through the cesspool that is Youtube comments (A note from the Editor: You’re a braver soul than I just for going through with it).