I’ve been anxiously waiting for the third season of this anime to come out, ever since I finished the first two seasons during spring break last year. It’s been a while since I’d gotten into an anime where I wanted to binge-watch all of it. To be honest, before I started watching Haikyuu I’d been on a mini break from watching anime. I had just come back from study abroad in Japan and while I was there I barely watched any anime. So when I came back to the states, I wanted to find a new series to get into and I found my calling with this awesome series. Before, I had been like a lot of other people who steered clear of “sports” anime thinking it was all hype. I really just wanted to see if this one was worth all the hype. Before the first episode of the first season had even finished, I was hooked. Even my sister found it a little entertaining, but unfortunately, she’s really busy and I couldn’t keep waiting on her to watch it, so I continued without her and just give her updates.

Everything about this anime makes me giddy and I am not ashamed that this is will be the most biased review ever. It would be extremely hard for me to find anything wrong with this anime. Of course, if you do find stuff wrong with this anime, please comment because everyone’s opinion is different and no anime is without flaws. But I just wanted to put that out there, so that when you continue to read this you’re not surprised by the overwhelming praise.


All Hinata ever wanted was to fly high on the volleyball court just like his idol The Little Giant. Even after working extremely hard to develop his skills in middle school, he was brutally defeated by The King of the Court and his team. Now in high school, he joins his first full volleyball team and meets an unexpected ally.

The more I write these summaries, the cheesier they seem to get. They’re literally summaries of the first episode. For any of you authors out there, want me to write the summary to go on the back of your book? I charge… hmmmm… 1 per word lol 😉

(I’m joking…..always joking.)

Initial Reaction

The pacing in this anime is amazing. I don’t feel like it’s being rushed or taking too long. The first episode introduces most of the character that will be on the team. You get a glimpse of all the very distinguishable personalities and they focus on smaller groups of characters at a time so you are not overwhelmed. Sometimes I feel like anime with a big cast skims over all the characters with the exception of the main characters and then expect you to care about them and understand where they are coming from. You can’t do that if they never had enough screen time. By the end of the first season, we’re pretty familiar with all the people they introduced to us on the team and even have a little background on some of them.

While setting up the various characters, they also presented us with setup for potential rivalries, motives, internal and external struggles… the works. They took the time to introduce us to what drove Hinata straight from the beginning, like the first 2 minutes of the first episode. They wanted us committed right at the beginning. They even went as far as to show us how he got the skill base that makes him so unique. I don’t like people being overpowered for no reason. I need a reasonable explanation as to why this character is really good. For this particular anime, they had Hinata be an absolutely terrible player overall. He really had no solid foundation when it came to volleyball. Since his school didn’t have a volleyball team for boys he used everybody around to practice with. Most of those people didn’t play volleyball and the only things they could help him with were simple tosses and setting him up to spike. That’s where his entire skill base came from. He had very limited resources and he adjusted to make them work for him. When he finally got a group of people together who weren’t very good at the sport to play with him, it caused him to have to make up for their lack of skills. Hinata’s main strength is his agility. I believe this came from him always having to compensate for whoever was playing the role of the setter in the practice games he played. The people he got weren’t very well trained in setting the ball and probably set the balls at very inconsistent distances and heights. So instead of Hinata not being able to hit these terrible sets, he learned to quickly adjust to them and align his body so that he could spike them. Of course, this is just my interpretation of how Hinata got to where he was at the beginning of the first season. I also like that his spiking was the only skill he seemed to be good at which left the rest of the anime to show us how he slowly got better.

Even with Hinata being the “main” main character we can’t ignore Kageyama, the second main character. Unlike Hinata, we don’t get to see how he got his skills. Instead his struggle is more about his attitude and way of thinking. The way they depicted him makes me believe that he was just one of those people who are naturally good at things, like a prodigy. The interest with him lies in his lack of teamwork and his haughty attitude. He believes that it would be better if he played all the positions and I don’t doubt that he would win that way, too. He could become extremely good in any position and probably make a super team, but alas, he is a single person and must coordinate with others, which makes this his weakness. We see these traits in him not just by other characters telling us, but the way that he interacts with people. All his interactions with teammates and other volleyball players all have an air of superiority. He doesn’t hide it because he doesn’t think he needs to. He won’t compromise and meet anyone half way and wants people to come up to his level so they can win. He is a control freak. When he explained why he liked the setter position it was because to him, they control where the ball goes. Everything about Kageyama fits his personality to a T.


This is not the end of the review, this is just part 1 of 3. This review got terribly long so I had to break it up into different parts. The second part will be up next week, so don’t miss it.