I realize my post schedule is anything but regular, but life happens and I just take it in stride. As you can probably guess, I haven’t really started on the anime I was supposed to watch last month, so the same list is still in effect. I’m kind of thinking of making it easier on myself and not trying to finish 5 anime a month… I might drop that number down to 3, that seems a lot more manageable with my schedule. I’ll probably start doing that after I finish this round of anime.

I know I still have a boatload of anime that I still haven’t written reviews for and I still need to put out the last part of my Haikyuu review. All my reviews will be coming out steadily. I’ll probably do a minimum of 1 post a week. If I happen to do more then that’s great but don’t expect more than that. This website is still in its experimental phase and I’m trying to find a rhythm I can get into with watching anime and posting. I have so many other side projects I’m working on that I needed to cut down how much time I spent of this site. And if my job gets hectic again, I’ll have to take another break but hopefully that won’t be happening any time soon.

For those of you who do come back and read these posts, thank you and enjoy the content as it ever-so-slowly comes out. By the way, if you can’t already tell from the lovely grammar in all my posts, I probably need an editor to proofread my posts before they are published, so if anybody is interested… just leave a comment… please….

Jeez, I feel like I’m changing the flow of my website every month.