WARNING: Due to the content and language of some of the post, this might not be suitable for all ages. If you continue to read on, you are doing so at the risk of tainting your mind (which, once again, is not my fault).

I told you I would eventually do another blackanimegirl post, and here it is.

Like many other anime fans, I’d been been dying to go to Japan ever since I first learned that’s where anime came from. I took me a while, but I did eventually get there my last year in college and I was there for about 6 months. Even in that short period of time, I was able to accumulate a lot more interesting stories than I thought I would. I think it was a combination of the people I went with and my overall eagerness to just do any and everything while I was there. I’ll eventually tell you guys some of those stories… I won’t tell all the details, to protect the people that had participated in the some of the debauchery, but you’ll get a general idea of what happened.

This story, however, will only set the stage for the entire trip, since nothing crazy had really happened yet.

This was the first day I arrived in Japan. I came off that 16- 18 hour flight feeling really good and looking pretty well, too. Somehow my hair had fared for the entire plane ride and was still somewhat curly when I landed. I probably hadn’t been off the plane for 20 minutes when I noticed my hair was starting to fall flat and starting to get a little bit puffy (I thought it looked worse than it did, and even though it actually still looked pretty decent it definitely wasn’t as nice as it had been). I didn’t realize how humid the place was up until that point. Everything else at the airport went pretty well. I found the people in charge of the program and got settled on the bus they arranged for us to take back to the hotel. I can’t remember who else was on that bus ride over or what specifically we talked about but it was mainly just excited chatter about being there for the first time.

It was a short trip ride over to the hotel, where we were greeted with more people from the program who told us how things would be happening for the next few days. We weren’t at our final destination yet. We were at a hotel near Narita airport and had to take a bus ride over to Tokyo, where our school was located.
I made it to my hotel room and was finally able to take in all of the information. I was officially in Japan staying in a Japanese hotel room! The hotel room didn’t really look like anything special. It looked like any other hotel room I’d ever stayed at (though I wasn’t really impressed with the quality of the beds).

I then remembered that Japanese toilets were different from the ones I was used to, so I happily skipped over to the bathroom to only be greeted by a bunch of buttons I couldn’t read. I wasn’t really using my head so I sat down, used the bathroom and looked over to see which button was the flush button. I hadn’t brought my phone into the bathroom with me, so I couldn’t even look up the kanji I didn’t know… so clearly the most logical option was to just hit any old button and see what it did.

This was a mistake.

I hit a button in the middle only to be greeted by ice cold water hitting my butt. I screamed and jumped up and hit another button only to see the water fly out and hit the wall. I was mostly out of options now, so I was eventually managed to flush.

(A note from The Editor: this is honestly really random, and don’t even ask why I know this, but just in case someone happens to be interested, they’re actually planning on standardizing all the bidet control icons)

I was super lucky my roommate hadn’t arrived yet: I would’ve made myself look like a complete dumbass. I got myself back together and turned on the tv, just anything to have some background noise. I wasn’t expecting to understand any of it. I started playing the the maps app on my phone to see if I could find anywhere that had food. Still couldn’t read anything on the map. I didn’t even know where to get food. The people in charge of the program had given us a stipend for dinner that day and told us to find somewhere to eat. I wasn’t too keen on just leaving the hotel room by myself. If I got lost no one would know where to look for me and I wasn’t too confident in the Japanese phones they gave us. Luckily my roommate Rachel (not her real name) came in and she also wanted to go find some place to eat. We left out the hotel with some vague instructions on how to get to a food establishment of some sort. It was dark by the time we left out and we were just walking down some dark stretch of road, eventually making to a street with stores. The entire time I was just amazed that I was actually in another country and couldn’t understand most of what was going on.  Even when we got out food I was mentally prepping myself on what I would going to say when I got up to the cashier… I fumbled my words of course, but the lady understood me enough for me to get food. There was a convenience store right next to this place, that in retrospect, we should’ve stopped at for some more snacks. We just headed back to the hotel without even looking twice at the place. Getting back wasn’t as smooth as getting there for some reason. I think we got a little confused with the map. This happened a lot throughout the trip. Don’t bother using google maps while in Japan. They don’t put up street signs in obvious places……you just have to know your way around. At least, that’s how I learned to function.

For now, that’s a good introduction… nothing too crazy happened, we just got used moving around and existing in Japan… which took a while to get used to: I can talk about the constant stares that I got everyday, and people’s reactions when I was near them, because some of that was really… off-putting.