I heard through the grapevine (youtube) that there’s going to be a 3rd part to the Code Geass series. I first got this information from Gigguk’s video, whom I find to be pretty reliable, but I still needed to get more information. I searched on Google and found a bunch of different articles talking about it, and they all pretty much said the same things. They don’t know whether this will be a new season or a movie, or when this 3rd part will actually be released. They’ll also be having some recap movies coming out beforehand. Release dates on those are also unknown.

I’m sooo ready for this new chapter in the Code Geass universe! I was really upset when it first ended. I thought “How dare you end it on a cliffhanger like that”. I always get really sad when an anime series that I really like ends. Plus, I watched this when I really didn’t have much of a life outside of watching anime so it made it that much more crushing to see the end.

I was at the end of my middle school career when this came out on adult swim and I was immediately enthralled with the series. This was also back in my “cringy” years where I was “in love” with anime characters and Lelouch was on my very long list of characters that I had a strange obsession with (I’m glad those days are over). So of course every week without fail I would sit down at 11PM, or whatever time it used to come on, and watch it. I already liked mecha type anime and this one had a deeper plot than most, so it was one of my favorite giant robot anime.

I’m curious as to what the new plot will be. At the end of the anime, I was pretty set in believing that Lelouch and C.C. were still very much alive. I’m happy to know that this is no longer and theory and is now confirmed by the creator. I’m hoping they aren’t just trying to milk the series and will put in as much thought and effort that I believe went into the first two seasons. I just don’t understand why there was such a big gap between the series ending and this new update….. unless they just thought of the new plot recently. If they’ve been sitting on this idea for this many years, shame on them for making us all wait so long! I know they had those OVA that took place after the second season, I thought that was actually pretty good. When they referenced people from the original story, I was a little fuzzy on names… Now that I think about it, I’ll need to refresh myself on this series before the new part comes out. Or just watch those aforementioned recaps…. I’ll probably just rewatch everything, because Lelouch is worth it <3