This top portion will always say the same thing. The Quick Update section is what’s really being updated with new content.

This is my way of keeping myself organized. I’ll be limiting myself to 5 anime at a time. I can’t start a new one until I’ve finished at least one of the five on this ever changing list. When I finish one I’ll make a post about it, though depending on how long the series is, I might make a post in the middle of the series.

I’ll be keeping track of each anime and the episode I’m on both on this blog and on MyAnimeList (MAL). Below, there’s a link to MAL so you can look at all the things I’m currently watching, have watched, plan on watching and how I ranked each anime.

I don’t want to watch only recent series, so at least one or two of these entries will be about some throwback series. The rest will  be relatively recent (let’s say released in the last 3 years).

WARNING: Due to the content of some of the anime I am currently watching, this post might not be suitable for all ages. If you continue to read on, you are doing so at the risk of tainting your mind (which, once again, is not my fault).

You don’t need to remind me that I missed an update last week, I already know… Some good news though, is that I finished off a show, mostly binge-watching it during a really long car ride while on vacation. There was literally nothing else to do, and I had free data to use with T-mobile’s binge on promotion… Sadly, Crunchyroll is not included in this, so couldn’t watch anything from there, and I don’t have the Hulu plan with no ads and couldn’t risk rewatching the same stupid ad 4 times because of the network cutting out on me half way through the commercial break. So I was left with nothing other than Netflix. Not that I’m complaining; I could have been left with nothing, so….this worked for me and I was in luck because I had a series on my list that also happened to be on Netflix as well.

I also have a treat for those of you who follow me close on social media. Every Thursday (Throwback Thursday) I’ll be talking about an “older” anime that I’ve watched. Doesn’t matter if it was good or bad, I’m still going to talk about it….or, at least, what I remember about it. I’m also thinking about sharing some stories about the times I had in Japan… I’ve got some stories that I think would be interesting. I was only there for 6 months, but that was long enough to get into some shenanigans.

There is good news about getting better quality posts! And by better quality. I mean I got an editor, so no more horrible confusing grammar (I hope)….. No, my pictures that go along with each post didn’t get better (you know you love my Photoshop pictures). This is, of course, free labor from someone willing to do this out of the kindness of their hearts. Good luck to you unnamed editor. I’ll let you introduce yourself as you edit 😀

You may even get a few editor notes…..

(A note from The Editor: I hope y’all like snarky commentary.)

And now, finally onto the actual anime updates, which unsurprisingly will be about the only two series I’ve touched in…..a month… the one I’m adding to replace Ajin. It’s strange how having a full time job makes you reprioritize your time.

Anime Updates:



Ajin (Season 2)

I watched this one dubbed and got through it quicker than if I had watched it subbed. The English really just allowed me to multitask and do other things, so I didn’t have to fully dedicate time for only watching the anime. And the dubbing actually wasn’t all that bad! It didn’t make my ears want to bleed. Which, if it did, would have really surprised me, because at the time of watching this I had one ear really clogged with gross ear wax and nothing was coming out of that bad boy…


I’m glad the anime did a little bit of recapping in the form of showing the video Sato posted at the end of the first season. This jogged my memory and all the previous events of season 1 came flooding back…. the important ones, anyway. I forgot about a few characters like Nagai’s friend Kaito until he reappeared in the second season.

I have to say, even with all the horrible things that Sato did, he was still one of my favorite characters. You’ll find that I really like characters that have a “Batman Joker” type feel. At first, I really did think he was causing all these problems because he wanted control of the Japanese government, but as the story went on I decided that it’s probably because he thinks it’s fun. He was enjoying the plundering a little bit too much, and didn’t take advantage of situations where he could have easily taken control. Now that I’m sitting here writing about this, it seems so painfully obvious that he never wanted the game of cat and mouse to really end. Which also means this story can never truly end as long as he’s alive, and this season leaves that completely open. Sato just finds another way to screw with everybody again and escapes, like getting captured was all part of his plan… He’s probably just making it up as he goes.

I do love (/sarcasm) how they glossed over Nagai summoning multiple IBM. No one says anything when it happens or refers back to it later; they were shocked at the time, but I guess they figured that it was normal  for Nagai to have that power. No, it’s not normal, and I still have yet to figure out the symbolism behind his IBM doing the opposite of what he tells it and it always muttering asshole-ish things in response to everything. It could have to do with his state of mind, his personality, internal struggles…. It has to be one those. When I eventually write the review for this one I’ll try to figure it out as I type.

Log Horizon

So, I did try to watch more of this, but since it was only available on Hulu and Crunchyroll and because I spent most of my time after the road trip finishing of Ajin, I didn’t get too far. I also accidentally put 2 episodes watched for this one when it was really only 1 last time, so now I will talk about the other parts that I’ve seen which, believe me, isn’t much.

We already have our first conflict: our 3 main characters are off to find a lost girl from a guild they’re helping. For some reason, this game’s mapping scale is ridiculous, so it is actually going to take them a decent chunk of time to get to the part of the map the girl says she’s in. We aren’t really shown too much of the girl besides that she is possibly the cute moe character who is hard to not love. She is currently being watched over by some cat character with a really deep Black man’s voice. It’s very strange to watch this long skinny cat character possess of the voice of someone who should at least be 250 pounds, in their 40s and Black. I need a lot more of the character to show up in order for me to get used to that, because it’s just weird.

I’m happy with how this anime is handling its characters and explanations. None of them are new to the game, so their skills and competence within the game make sense. This is also good because they don’t need to spell out every mechanic of the game to us as “new players” who don’t know how anything works. They solve the problem of explaining the game mechanics with a little voice over and a comparison of how the games works now to how it worked when they weren’t trapped inside of it. And thank god they mention the characters’ weaknesses, so there’s no overpowered-for-no-reason bullcrap this time. Although, with the encounter they had with the player killers, I think the audience would’ve understood the characters’ weaknesses without them spelling it out for us, but whatever, good enough.

Closing Remarks

So, what mystery anime am I adding to replace Ajin? Well, if you didn’t look below and cheat (freaking cheaters) you would not only know what I chose but why, as I am about to reveal.

After looking through my list and realizing I’d gotten rid of the only old anime, I’ve picked…

(A note from The Editor: *drumroll*)

Serial Experiments Lain! I know most of you are wondering what the hell that is. Well, if you’re a fan of really, really, really old anime, you might know. And if you are and you still don’t know, then you’re not a true anime fan (just kidding I hate when people do that). But seriously, this anime isn’t very well known and I don’t know how I found it when I was younger. I watched a lot of weird and questionable things when I was in middle school. I watched the first episode of this when I was in 5th or 6th grade. I thought it was really boring and stopped watching it. Now that I am a mature adult I’m hoping it catches my interest more, because I’ve heard good things about it over the years. I had put it in my “eventually watch” list. I can proudly say I’ve finally taken something out of that pit of a list and moved it to the “watching” list.

This was a much longer post than I thought it would be. Maybe it’s because of my new mechanical keyboard. I’ve never had so much fun typing before….and it’s full RGB and the colors are just beautiful as I am typing in the dark. Just though you should know (A note from The Editor: Well, now I’m just jealous).
This Month’s Anime


Log Horizon

2.5/25 episodes watched


Serial Experiments Lain

0/13 episodes watched



Magic Kaito 1412

0/24 episodes watched


One Punch Man

0/12 episodes watched


Ao no Exorcist

0/25 episodes watched


Let me know what anime you’re watching now! Anything you recommend? I’ll add it to my ever growing anime list.