I was sitting at work minding my own business when Google News suggested that I check out the new trailer for the upcoming Death Note series on Netflix…..and then my friend messaged me in a group chat with the YouTube link. Of course I took a little mini break and watched it. And must I say…..what the hell have they done to my beloved characters?!?!

What happened to my handsome super calm, cool and collected Light?!? It looks like they turned him into a weak punk that gets bullied, who ends up using the Death Note as a way to get back at those who bullied him. That minimizes Light’s actions to something of a petty tormented teenager.

I have absolutely no faith that this adaptation. The only think I am looking forward to is Ryuk. He looks like he’s going to be absolutely bomb. They got the perfect casting….and it looks like it’s one of the few things left unchanged… and thank God for that. I still don’t know what to say about the Misa character. The trailer makes it look as if it was Misa’s idea to light to use the Death Note on a large scale. It looks like they took the most basic premise of the show and just ran with it….making up their own characters…. I swear this is more like a “inspired by Death Note” than a “based on Death Note” type of deal.

Honestly I can’t wait to see the hot mess this will end up becoming. I want to see people’s reactions to this after it comes out.

I’m not sure if it was best idea for them to remake such a beloved series as Death Note. People have started considering it a classic and it’s a very recent one. This isn’t like Ghost in the Shell where it’s been a while since that movie came out and the fans are much more…..how do you say it….mature mentally.

Death Note fans consist of people my age….and we are very sensitive to things we love (or anything associated with our precious childhood memories) not getting remade the way we think they deserve.  You saw the Last Airbender fiasco. People are still bitter about how that turned out (me included). I don’t think Netflix fully understands how much shit Death Note fans with throw at them if they don’t like the series. So far, Netflix has had a pretty stellar track record for the series they released and supported (not too many large blemishes). This might be the first.

I had to create a whole other post for just L because that……train wreck…..I have a lot of feelings about what had seen and read…..

For your viewing pleasure: